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Signs Your Home's Air Ducts Need to Be Inspected

AC Ventilation
A central HVAC system emits temperature controlled air throughout your home's interior via air ducts. When your air ducts are clean and properly maintained, air flow is not an issue. However, if your home's air ducts are in need of inspection, you'll notice some (or all) of the following signs of malfunctioning air ducts.


If your air ducts are clogged or haven't been professionally cleaned in a while, debris will shoot out of the air ducts when your air conditioner or heater kicks on. You'll see dust or hair fly into the air for several seconds until the ducts have blown loose debris away.
Debris is a very serious matter in your air ducts because pollen, hair, dust, shed skin, dust mites, and even mold spores are all tossed into the air when your HVAC system is turned on. These particles then get embedded in carpeting and upholstery and can make your family sick.
Increase the air quality in your home by having your HVAC specialist inspect your air ducts and clean them as needed.


If anyone in your home has allergies or asthma (or other respiratory health issues) and they only complain or show symptoms of illness when you air ducts are blowing air, then your ducts may be the source of the problem.
Signs of allergies or other breathing-related issues include:
  • Coughing/sneezing/wheezing
  • Runny nose
  • Watery/red eyes
  • Trouble breathing
  • Sore throat
Your air duct cleaning specialist will apply a special chemical to your air ducts to kill bacteria and mold growth and will suggest sealing your ducts to keep debris from collecting deep inside their crevices. In some cases, professionals will perform a microbiology test on ductwork debris to determine what type of air pollutants are in your air ducts that could make your family ill.


A recently discovered rodent or insect invasion in your home involves eradicating intruders from your premises. Since rodents and insects may have used your air ducts to get in and out of your home or created nests in your duct work, have your ducts professionally inspected and/or cleaned and tested to be on the safe side.


The air that comes out of your HVAC systems ducts should not smell mildewy, wet, sour, rank, or like warm soil. Any odors coming from your home's air ducts are due to collected debris inside the unit that will worsen with time, so bad odor could be a sign of more trouble in the ductwork.
You can take the vents off your air ducts and peer inside with a flashlight to see how clean your air ducts actually are. Cobwebs and collected dust on the inner area of your ducts tell you immediately that the entire duct line needs to be cleaned.
Do not attempt to clean your air ducts with a rag, broom, mop, or other tool; you risk shoving debris further into your ducts in doing so and can damage the duct work in the process. You may also unintentionally release debris particles into the air, putting your health at risk.

Duct Cleaning Costs

Depending on what climate you live in, the severity of your air ducts' condition, and other factors, cleaning your air ducts can cost as low as $300 or as high as $500. Your HVAC specialist will give you an estimate for cleaning and will also tell you how often you should have your home's air ducts inspected and cleaned for greater air quality and appliance longevity.
There are many benefits to having your home's air ducts inspected, including better energy efficiency, catching small errors before they become costly, and keeping your home free potentially dangerous air-borne particles. See our specialists at C J Services Inc for all your HVAC system's needs. Call us to schedule an appointment today.


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